BeyBlade Test

Welcome to the Test. Please feel free to copy the test on to Microsoft and print it out! This will test your Beyblade skills. Hope you pass! (Ask parent's permission for the answer key on the next page of this website.)

Test 1 (25 point test)

Name:___________________________                                     Date:_________________________

   Vocab Box: Match the letter and the word with the correct definition. (1 pt each)


 a. Beyblade Spirit        b. Attack type bey        c. Defense type bey           d. Stamina type bey

 e.Balance type bey      f. Bey tournament       g. Bey MOD     


  1. ___                                              A tournament where you fight against other bladers to see who is stronger.  

  2 . ___                                             A bey that can last long in a battle.

  3 . ___                                             A shop used for fixing up beys or getting new parts

  4. ___                                              A bey with equal terms of every bey.

  5. ___                                             A spirit used in a battle that is required the bey can release its true power.

  6. ___                                               A bey that can withstand many attacks.

  7. ___                                               A bey That can do so much damage with quick movement.

    Multiple Choice Questions: Choose the correct answer (2 pts each)

   8. Who possesses the bey Storm Pegasus?

          a. Gingka           b. Benkei          c. Kyoya          d. Kenta           e. Ryuga

   9. What is a performance tip?

         a. a part used for the rotation of a bey            b. a part used to keep the bey balanced

                                                       c. to represent what bey it is

   10. Who joined Kyoya's bad gang at episode 5?

        a. Hakaru              b. Gingka         c. Benkei          d. Kyoya           e. Sora

   11. Who possesses Lighning L. Drago?

         a. Gingka              b. Benkei           c. Kyoya          d. Kenta           e. Ryuga

   12. Who is Gingka's father?

         a. Darth Vader          b. Pheonix          c. Pegasus              d. You

   13. Who is Gingka's rival?

        a. Kyoya                     b. Masamune                  c. Gingka himself

   14. What's he key to connecting with your bey?

        a. Beyblade Spirit          b. choosing the right parts for a bey             c. absolute power

   15. Write a paragraph on looseleaf of how you can beat any blader guaranteed without power. Use complete sentences and no points will be taken.

Grade : ____/25