Battling Techniques

You want your BeyBlades to be better? You came to the right place!

  •  How to Create Your Special Move

To create a special move, you must change parts and gain a special technique, and think of a move that your bey has always done. First, in order for your special move to work, you must create your create a special technique with your bey. You know, all beys can have at least 1 kind of special techniques. You must also look at the parts of the bey. If you notice something really special about your face bolt, energy ring, fusion wheel, spin track, or preformance tip, then turn it to a technique. Then, notice something that your bey has always have done in the battle. If you notice that part of the bey, you can combine with your technique. Next, check out all the stats that you can find about your bey. Find out what type it is, find about its stats, just research everything you can. After that, master your special technique now. It may be a little harder, but keep practicing. Finally, test your technique on a opponent. Then if it works, then you have created your special move! You might also want to make a name for your special move.

  •  How to Have Greater Launch Power:

I'm so sorry. Your really can't find out about it, but I can give you adjustments. One launcher you can get is the Angle Compass. It measures the angle of where knowing your bey can bounce. I'm sure its not out yet, but it might come out next year! Then, thers the Digital Launcher. It increases your launch power by a bit and tells you the stats of your launch. It might not be out yet, but like what i said, it might come out next year (sorry to dissapoint you). Next, there's the Wind and Jump Launcher. You only need to push a single button in order to launch it. Its a good thing its out right now at Toys R' Us. Finally, there is the Launcher Grip.Just put the launcher with the string or the key in it, and you'll be ready to go. That's all the advice I can give you, and i hope it will help you.

  • Spiritual Techniques:
Believe in your spirit, and nothing will end at all. You just need to keep on going. Believe in your bey, and they'll follow you in the Beyblade spirit. If they can feel how powerful your spirit is and how hard you worked, you might just be able to get an advantage on your opponent. So, for example, if you have an attack type bey, and you're going against a defense type bey, you will need to have a great amount of power to break through the foe's shield. Another example is like a stamina bey versus an attack bey.  if you believe in yourself and your beyblade, it might just be able to endure enough attacks to beat the foe. Try your best and never give in. That's all I have to say.