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Hello fans and welcome to my site. This site contains information about BeyBlade. If you want to know about Bladers and their beys, click on Characters. If you want to know about the episodes of BeyBlade Metal Fusion, click on information. If you want to have a little break of fun, click on games. If you want to know some tips when battling, click on Battling techniques. If you want a tip on where to battle, click on Universe. If you want to know about the latest things about beyblade, then click on BeyBlade News. If you want to see a whole episode in your mind with a theme song, click on Theme Song Lyrics. If you want to see the battle in action, click on Video. If you want to talk about beyblade with your friends around the world, click on BeyBlade Chatters. If you want to see the beyblades and characters, click on Picture Gallery. There are 4 pages in the website that requires a username and a password. If you can unscramble the words below, you'll figure it out. Well, I hope you enjoy my Website.